Virtues small business owners must not do without


Business in our contemporary times has been taken as different things and seen from different views. By this I mean, a lot of people just thrusts into the business world with some very funny sets of poor upbringing decadence. Obviously, they see the world of business as some places they can just come into with all their rotten attitudes.


While it is true that business is not a call to display ethical uprightness, we should never sideline also that our customers deserve the best of attention and attitude from us. In this, no one is left out: either it’s a local firm or international one, we all need to honor and treat our customers as people who we appreciate for believing in us and with respect to this belief, use our products.


We must never be quick to forget that in business, no matter how good our business plan is or no matter how swell our products are, we still need customers to purchase and use them.


Below are few of those virtues a business man who’s going to soar up high in no time in business has to have:


  1. Sincerity: No matter the level of our adroitness of skills, we all need sincerity to our customers. Many business men, all in the pursuit of what profits they’ll get, use materials not good enough or at all for producing their products. Yet, these same set of business men claim they used the best of materials.


This attitude of insincerity will perhaps, get you somewhere but not too far off. An insincere business man’s attitude always surfaces with time, no wonder the renowned saying, “time will tell.” This ought not to be so.


  1. Integrity: Integrity, as short as the word is, carries a whole lot of meaning. Integrity is owning to your words, Keeping your promises, never changing your attitudes with or without people been there. This will not only fetch you customers but will fetch you respect from customers. In new startup firms and businesses, this is very key and pivotal. It’s what will make your customers vouch for you even when you’re not there.


Integrity goes hand-in-hand with sincerity. As a matter of fact, they’re interwoven and intertwined. One cannot have one without the other. They all make a small business owner loved and accepted both far and near.


  1. Ruthlessness: Are you checking again to see if you saw that really or if you read it wrongly? Well, you’ve just seen ruthlessness up there! No mix up, no mistakes! It’s really ruthlessness.


A small business owner must be ruthless. Ruthlessness in this context is not cruelty but just not being emotional. A small business owner must be passionate and full of gusto that he becomes unmovable, hardhearted. He must never be emotional always caring about what people will say if he does this. He is the boss and must just be only sure he made the right decisions from his part, then never cares if people will critique it or not.


This however, is not an everyday thing. It’s just occasional, when need arises for it.