Some days ago, a fair complexioned lady was talking to me. Among which she said; “Joe, you don’t need to think the way you do: Be optimistic in things and hope for the best”.
She said this because she knows I hardly believe in being optimistic. Maybe I believe it but hardly profess it.


This post was originally made for you, not to be carried away with the rave of starting a business and always hoping for success but ruggedly starting for a fulfilling future. Do you have an idea and you believe you can make millions of dollars from such idea or business?
If yes, then you should be pessimistic because the world believes in failure more than success, thus, you need to make such negative notions of the world a positive tool for your success.

Having an idea automatically means you are optimistic, thus you need to crave for success by being a pessimist.
Do you know that when you tell a regular person about a business or idea, the first thing they look for in such ideas are faults and how the idea cannot succeed?
Please do not think they hate you. That is how we are naturally. I do same!

This is what you need-
Maximize this general weakness that we all have. Since you believe your idea will succeed, you don’t need anyone’s approval anymore. What you need is their disapproval so that your star can shine in the dark sky. This is not a theory nor a motivational write, but a practical process that you can put into action and see the output.
On the mission ground of impossibilities, do not ask people why your business will succeed. ASK THEM WHY IT WON’T SUCCEED. Yes! That is what you are to ask them and I’m damn serious about this.
For everyone you meet, for everyone you have the opportunity to interact with; ask them why you will fail but do it in such a way that your wisdom is made evident. My dear friend, kindly document these reasons, pick the very reasonable and valid ones and look for their solutions.
Do this same step continuously with ten to twenty people and I promise that you will see ways that may cause you to fail which you may never have thought of.
In addition to this, look for the solutions to the listed problems. The good people out of those you meet could provide an insight to the loop holes and create the way out also.
By this simple step, you are being pessimistic. You should also think about why you will fail and find solutions to those reasons.
Please, don’t be carried away by motivational talks. Many motivational speakers are not into business, my dear. Wake up! What most of them do is just to talk and talk. It is high-time you faced reality. That is why I gave myself a quote; “DREAM LIKE AN OPTIMIST BUT PLAN LIKE A PESSIMIST”

Do you know why I developed this way of life for myself?

It is simply because I am a man of many ideas. I have more than ten ideas, though currently focused and working on one. I so much believe I will succeed in all. Why?
This is simply because people will always be available to tell me why I will fail.