A Guide in Finding the Best Renovations


A good renovation is going to be costly, but it brings a number of benefits. It brings the potential to add value to a business or home. It can make things flow more smoothly, improving how things are done or the “feel” of the interior.


Because of the associated cost, both in money and in time, as well as the good that can come of it, it is important to find a good renovation crew. The trouble is that because remodels don’t happen every day, the average person doesn’t know how to find one the first time around.


They end up learning lessons that first time. Here are those important lessons, to help spare first-timers looking for renovation contractors the pain.


First things first: get everything in writing.


From the quotes to the estimates on what materials will be needed, if they give you something, be sure to ask for it in writing. You never know when these might come in handy, either as reference data or just to make sure they didn’t blindside you on the cost.


Be sure to ask around for referrals. Word of mouth is still the best way to find anyone, even in the age of the internet.


Ask relatives. Ask friends. Ask neighbours. At least one of them must have had something renovated in the past, so get an idea what their experience was like. Ask how problems were handled, and if there were any surprises.


If they had the same work done that you want to have – such as kitchen renovations Perth – you can even ask them for advice. Learning from other people’s experiences and mistakes is incredibly useful.


Check on people’s credentials. Some renovation tasks require licenses or certifications, and you need to know they have these before anyone gets started.


What is required may vary. Every trade has an issuing authority. Every license will have some manner of easily accessible listing, so you’ll be doing some cross-referencing. Your municipal area may have specific ordinances requiring permits for certain types of work.


Interview the contractors. Remember that a remodel is a job, and you’re the employer. Ask questions, so you can figure out who is the best choice.


Pay attention not only to the answers given but to how they answer. A little confidence is good, but if they’re giving definite answers right away, you should be concerned. A good contractor will want to know more about the job before giving definite responses.


Check people’s references, of course. See what other projects they’ve done. Call former clients, ask about their experiences, about the good and bad. You want to know if things were done on time and on budget. It is important to know whether or not they wish anything was done differently.

Finally, check if the contractor is legitimate. Do they have a permanent address, phone number, and other contact info? Can you visit their offices? Do they have liability insurance?


Finding a good contractor for a renovation isn’t impossible. It just involves a lot of legwork, asking questions, and shopping around.