The Business of Removing Asbestos

Getting asbestos removed can be a major hassle. Getting into the asbestos removal business is hard. Every company like has had to get a number of licenses, certifications, and documents to prove they can do what they say they can.


First, let’s go over the practical and tangible elements. You need removal tools. There are specialized vacuum cleaners for the task. There is also equipment used to contain and seal off a work area. There’s safety gear that needs to be purchased, especially if you plan to work in contaminated areas.


None of these things are commercially available. However, if you know where to get them, you probably can. The hard part of getting into the business is the license.


If you’re looking to get into the game without getting in too deep, the big one you want to have is the Restricted Asbestos Removal License. This is the one that lets you remove amounts of the material not exceeding ten square meters.


Note that the asbestos in question must be bonded, not friable asbestos.


The license is valid for a period of three years. It is also conditional in nature. Failure to comply could result in you losing the certification.


Of course, before you apply, you’ll need to meet the requirements. You’ll want to have a WorkSafe approved Restricted Asbestos Removal License training course under your belt. It has to come from a Registered Training Organization, so you need to look one of those up.


This is to indicate that you know what the license is for and how to do the required work. From there, you can submit the application to the Director, Business Services, WorkSafe Business Centre, for the license.


Here’s the stuff you’ll need to include when you do that. We’re laying these out now so you don’t waste a trip by learning about a requirement that you don’t already have.


You’ll clearly need a completed application form. It must be signed by the person legally liable for it – namely, you. If that’s not possible, someone authorized to sign on your behalf can do it.


You need to pay the applicable fees, as well.


You’ll want a Statement of Completion for the Restricted Asbestos WSRAL001 course. This must be from a certified WorkSafe Registered Training Organization. Anything else and the application will not be accepted, so make sure you’re not getting bamboozled.


You’ll need to show a satisfactory Statement of Experience and a signed copy of the Conditions of the Restricted Asbestos License.


You also want to have a “Current Company Extract” that is no older than a month. You can get your hands on it from the ASIC.


A photo ID is a must. A copy of your driver’s license is typical, but a passport works too. You’ll also need to have two recent passport-quality colour photos. This applies only if you’re a sole trader. If you’re a small business already, you can skip this.


Bring all of that and you can get your license processed. If you want an unlimited license, that’s another ballgame entirely.